We provide our Residents, all of whom live here permanently, with comfortable accommodation, 24 hour care, nutritious meals, laundry and cleaning, access to therapists and social worker, psychosocial support, specialized transport as required, social activities, in house arts and crafts and other forms of development and entertainment.

On Mondays we run an Arts and Crafts session which is extremely well attended by Residents. They do various projects including painting, mosaic, decoupage, fabric painting, etc. We have a crafts supply, but these do get depleted and donations of new supplies are always welcome. This session is run entirely by volunteers.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are shopping days where Residents are transported to Northgate shopping centre at certain pre-allocated times, and picked up at pre-allocated times. Residents enjoy these outings and it gives them a chance to catch up with friends, do their shopping, banking etc.

Wednesdays are Bingo days, one of our most loved activities. This is also run by volunteers.

Fridays are fine art days, where we have an artist helping those Residents who show promise and are interested in learning more about the finer aspects of art.

Sundays, transport is provided to various Churches in the area, who welcome our Residents.
Our current volunteer Physiotherapist provides therapy on an ongoing basis, as well as activities to keep the Residents stimulated. These include playing board games, book club, darts, swimming etc.


The Home has a heated therapy swimming pool, which is covered to provide shade. The pool has railings around the edges, and has a ramp where residents can be lowered into the pool in a shower chair.

We have two gyms, one of which is wheelchair accessible which means residents do not have to wait for someone to assist them, they are able to operate the equipment by themselves.

We have a large social room with a pub which is used for various events, and our bi-monthly pub evenings which are run by the Residents Committee.

The Home has numerous braai areas on the property which can be used by residents families who may be visiting or for functions at the Home.

We are a recycling site, and are able to accept paper and glass recycling. The money raised through this initiative goes into the residents fund.

We have a large vegetable tunnel in which we grow vegetables for the kitchen to use in preparing meals for our residents. Any excess vegetables are sold in our Charity shop. This vegetable tunnel is unique in that it is wheelchair friendly, and has plinths where residents in wheelchairs can assist with the weeding and harvesting of vegetables.
We have a large dining room where residents are expected to eat all their meals, unless they are ill and unable to get out of bed. It is important that residents remain sociable for their own wellbeing and state of mind.

We have two large Mercedes Benz vehicles, each of which has a wheelchair hoist attached to the back. These vehicles are used to transport our residents wherever they need to go, including shopping at Northgate two days a week.