The Home is currently embarking on a large scale development project, which will be completed in three phases. The aims of this project are:

  • To bring us in line with International standards for independent living for persons with disabilities;
  • To provide long term financial sustainability for the Home;
  • To make the Ann Harding Cheshire Home one of the most comprehensive facilities for adults with physical disabilities in South Africa.

The first phase of this project is to build 22 Assisted/Independent Living Units are. There is an option of a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom single storey wheelchair friendly unit or a double storey unit with bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs for other family member or a flatlet (with outside entrance) for a carer who lives in. A scheme similar to a Life Rights Scheme which is governed under the Act of the Aged will be implemented. It is the Habitatio option, which is not limited to the aged and which gives the “Owner” a sense of greater security in that a Title deed is issued and then cancelled once the “Owner” no longer requires the use of the unit. Any surplus funds derived from the construction and “re-letting” of these units will be secured in a sustainability fund for AHCH.

The second phase is a Step down Facility with 9 bedrooms upstairs and an open plan therapy section with an indoor swimming pool, and therapy offices downstairs . A donor will be sourced for this and once built the facility will be sublet to a doctor and therapists, and the Home will enjoy more sustainable income for the monthly running costs of the already existing 24 care facility. This facility will offer less acute rehabilitation therapy than offered in a trauma unit and at the same time offer recently injured individuals the opportunity to meet and mix with other persons with physical disabilities who have learnt to live fulfilling happy lives despite their misfortunes.

The third and final phase is a double storey wheelchair friendly Skills Development Unit. A donor for this building will also be sourced with possible naming rights. The lower level will be used for occupational type activities for the Home’s Residents and interested disabled community members. The upper level will be sublet to a call centre and/or training centre to generate further income for the monthly running of the 24 hour care centre.

In the end, AHCH will boast a secure holistic village for the care, rehabilitation, stimulation and option of independent living in a park like environment.

Charity Shop Upgrade

Thanks to a recent bequest, we are currently upgrading our Charity Shop in the following way:

We are building a new, much larger sorting area in which to receive and sort incoming donations;

We are building a veranda coffee shop which will complement the current Charity Shop, and hopefully, bring in new customers and people to the Home.

The Charity shop will also be repainted, and new floors laid in December. The current veranda area will also be enclosed.