Volunteers are an integral part of the Ann Harding Cheshire Home Family. Without our volunteers , our Residents would not be able to enjoy the wide variety of activities that they do every week, and our Charity Shop would not operate.

We enjoy support from Australia Volunteers International, and have had a full-time volunteer Occupational Therapist who was with us for three years, and we currently have a full-time Physiotherapist who is with us for a year. This provides us with invaluable support for those Residents who are unable to afford private therapy, and is a wonderful opportunity for skills sharing and transfer.

Volunteering opportunities include:

Working in the Charity shop for one day a week (particularly Saturdays is a current need) – we ask your commitment to a specific day in the week, and to the hours that the shop is open.

Assisting with the various activities in the Home such as the Arts and Crafts on a Monday morning.

Chatting to Residents, getting to know them, reading to them, playing board games etc, particularly on weekends.

Assisting with fundraising, holding fundraising events to benefit the Home, providing corporate contacts for the various needs of the Home etc.

Assisting us with our vegetable tunnel maintenance and planting, and keeping our gardens beautiful.

Professional services such as plumbing, electrical, mechanic etc which cost us a lot of money.