World Disability Day

This day is celebrated on 2 December. This year, we held a number of activities to acknowledge the day, and Disability Month which runs from 2 November to 2 December.

On Saturday 30 November, we ‘dressed up’ a bakkie as a float, and did a mini float parade, in conjunction with the Honeydew SAPS, to the Golden Harvest Parkrun. When we arrived, we all got out of the vehicles and cheered the Parkrun participants over the finish line. We were incredibly well received by both the organisers and the participants of the Parkrun, and this was a fun event for our Residents to participate in, whilst creating some disability awareness in the community.

On Monday 1 December, our volunteers arranged a mini Olympics for our Residents. We were joined by the first rugby team from Randpark High, who were so enthusiastic and really embraced the opportunity to assist us. After the games, which included wheelchair races, croquet, ring toss and sucking up smarties through a straw, the Randpark High students brought lunch and braaied for the Residents. It was a wonderful day, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

On the same day a group of our Art volunteers came up with an initiative to give each Resident a Santa Bag. They tirelessly collected goodies to fill the bags, and the handover of these gifts was done on 1 December to the Residents.